Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are the terms under which you may instruct us in our Terms of Engagement.

Terms of Engagement

1. These Terms of Engagement are the terms by which you instruct us to act upon your behalf in making and managing a claim for financial reimbursement (damages) for the purchase of goods or services not as described or not fit for purpose (the agreement).

2. Our fee is 25% of the total amount successfully reclaimed including any interest reclaimed and any compensation and damages awarded and also upon any reduction obtained by making the claim upon any amount outstanding on a loan plus the VAT on our fee.

3. Where instead of damages being awarded the third party and you agree to an alternative remedy to a financial one such as instructing a repairer to rectify the matter as a result of the claim for damages then we will be entitled to a fee of 25% of the deemed value of the repair plus the VAT on the fee.

4. Where your claim is unsuccessful you will not be responsible for our fee or costs.

5. Where either the merchant or lender contacts you directly with reference to your claim then you must inform us immediately in writing and forward any correspondence received directly to us and you must assist us as best you can in pursuing your claim for you.

6. Where either the merchant or lender makes payment to you directly then you must inform us immediately in writing so that we can invoice you for our fee which must be settled within 28 days of invoice. Where you do not inform us immediately of receipt of payment this may result in unnecessary legal proceedings against the merchant or lender which may result in you becoming responsible for costs.

7. In making this claim you provide us with your authority for us to refer your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service should we deem such to be necessary.

8. We have a panel of expert solicitors who will conduct any legal proceedings on your behalf should the need arise and you provide your authority for us to refer your claim to our panel solicitors in the event that we deem this to be necessary.

9. You hereby provide your authority for us to share all information about your claim with our panel solicitors and for them to disclose all information regarding your claim to us.

10. The panel solicitors will be acting for you under a conditional fee agreement under which you will not have to pay their costs.

11. You hereby provide your authority to our panel solicitors to deduct our fee from any reimbursement paid directly to our panel solicitors before payment being to you.

12. We comply with the Solicitors Introduction and Referral Code (as amended) and the Solicitors Code of Conduct as published by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority and any solicitor to whom we refer you is an independent professional from whom you may receive impartial and confidential advice. You are free to choose another solicitor however you will still be responsible for our fee.

13. Assignment and Subcontracting - The Company reserves the right to assign the contract and all rights under it and to sub-contract to others all or any of its obligations.

14. You have the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days of the date of the agreement. Where you cancel after this date then you will become liable for our fee being the amount which would have been due to us upon the full settlement of your claim. Where the claim is continued by you or any other person or firm acting upon your behalf then you will remain liable for our fee upon the conclusion of a successful claim. Any notice to cancel must be sent to us by recorded delivery to Consumer Reclaim Ltd, 2nd Floor, Station House, Stamford New Road, Altrincham WA14 1EP.

15. This agreement is governed by the laws of England & Wales.

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