About Consumer Reclaim

Q. Who are Consumer Reclaim?

A. Consumer Reclaim is a trading style of Consumer Reclaim Limited. We are a fully regulated business with specialising in reclaiming money for client's who are the victims of mis-selling practices.

Q. Why are Consumer Reclaim different?

A. Unlike other claims management companies we do not charge any upfront fees to our clients. Our services are 100% genuine No-Win, No Fee services.

Q. Are you regulated?

A. We are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator, a government department, in respect of regulated claims management activities. Our registration number is CRM23523. Our solicitors are all regulated by the Solicitors governing body. Claims under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act are not regulated by the Ministry of Justice.

Q. What are your fees?

A. Our fee for reclaiming money for mis-sold goods or services, including mis-sold payment protection insurance, is 25% of any amount that we successfully reclaim for a client, plus VAT on our fee.

Q. When do I pay?

A. You will only pay us when you are in receipt of reimbursement upon conclusion of a successful claim.

Claiming for Mis-sold Goods or Services

Q. Under what circumstances can you get me my money back for mis-sold goods or services?

A. Our area of expertise is in consumer credit law and as such you will need to have paid a deposit or part of the payment for the goods or services using a means of credit either by credit card or retail finance and the final payment for the goods or services will need to be within the last 6 years.

Q. Will making a claim have any detrimental effect upon my credit rating or my relationship with my bank or credit card provider?

A. No, you will only be making a claim for what you are entitled to. All we need to do is to compile a solid claim proving that you are entitled to be reimbursed.

Q. How long will it take to get me my money back?

A. Generally it will take us between 3 -6 months to conclude a successful claim.

Claiming for Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance

Q. Why can the cost of Payment Protection Insurance be reclaimed?

A. The FSA has strict guidelines, which must be adhered to by lenders when selling PPI. If these are not adhered to then the policy may have been mis-sold entitling the policy holder to be refunded.

Q. What credit agreements can reclaim the cost of PPI?

A. Most credit agreements can be looked at to see if you have a claim. We look at credit cards, personal loans, hire purchase agreements, and secured loans.

Q. Do I qualify for a claim to reclaim the cost of PPI?

A. To reclaim the cost of PPI, and also the interest and charges associated with the PPI, then it doesn't matter when the PPI was sold, or even if the loan is entirely paid off. The credit agreement should clearly state the cost of the PPI, which can be considerably more than 20% of the loan value. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify just complete the 30 second claim on the home page.

Q. How long will it take to reclaim the cost of mis-sold payment protection insurance?

A. It can vary depending upon the complexity of your claim but your claim will usually be settled within 3- 6 months.

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